Workshop bookings (labour only) BFeBikes

Extensive experience with Bafang. Bosch and Shimano trained experts.

Minimum labour cost applies. 

Please note, if you make a booking but are unable to bring your bike to us on that day, we are likely to require a rescheduling of the service due to unprecedented demand. Drop offs are not encouraged at the moment. Please call to discuss


Post-sale BFeBikes tune and check (up to 0.5 hour) Free
Standard service BFEbikes bike (1 hour) $100
Standard service non BFEbikes bike (1 hour) $125
Standard service BFeBIkes mtn bike (min 1.5 hours) $150
Extended service BFeBIkes (est 2.5 hours) $250


 Battery test (up to 1 hour) $25
Battery test with report (up to 1 hour) $50


Accessory fitting assessment (min 0.25 hr) Min $25
Battery replacement installation (min 0.5 hr) Min $50


Puncture repair (simple wheel) (min 0.25 hr) Min $20
Puncture repair (complex wheel) (min 0.5 hr) Min $45
Fault diagnostics
Only for brands we stock or at our discretion 
Initial fault diagnostic(min 0.5 hours) Min $50
Diagnosis does not include resolution
Complex fault diagnostic (min 1.5 hours) Min $150
Diagnosis does not include resolution
Minor repair or customisation (min 45 mins) TBA
Major repair or customisation (min 1.5 hours) TBA

All pricing is calculated on an hourly rate and excludes parts, shipping and storage costs

Hourly rate for bikes sold by BFeBikes $100
Hourly rate for bikes not sold by BFeBikes $125

Contact us for a quote or to make a booking