At Blind Freddy Electric Bikes, we have a full electric and mechanical bike workshop and can handle a wide range of  testing and repairs to your bike.
Bosch, Bafang and Shimano certified mechanics. Extensive ebike experience
Workshops at:
Pop-up at 53 Wesley St Lutwyche
Call for workshop address
We can help with replacement batteries and chargers and repairs to other components of your bike.
Please note though that we are unlikely to be able to provide spare parts for equipment sold many years ago due to challenges in sourcing supplies/parts.
A common request from customers is to perform testing on batteries and chargers to see if they are still functioning. We have a dedicated workshop area for battery testing and charge a set fee of $25 to perform a test only and $50 to perform a test and document the results in a brief report.
If we have to charge your battery first, we will charge min $50 for this service
Why not consider obtaining a report before you sell your current ebike? It could help you attract interest in your bike and provide your potential buyers with some assurance around their prospective purchase.
Why not consider checking your battery on a specialised loader before buying a new one? Often we have customers come into the store after being told their battery is dead only to find the issue was due to either charger or other reason.
As replacing a battery is a significant investment, this is a way to be sure.
Why not ask a seller if you can perform a test on their battery before you buy second-hand? It could save you from making a costly mistake, one unfortunately we see made often.
With repairs, we take a 2 stage approach to fault resolution
1. Confirm repair/fault through initial diagnosis
2. Perform the repair/fix the fault, if possible
Initial assessment for diagnosis prior to making a commitment costs a minimum of $40 for an initial review for a simple fault or repair
If the fault or repair is complex, the minimum cost for diagnosis is $120. We prefer to discuss an upper limit to diagnosis prior to commencement so everyone knows where they stand. We do not guarantee to be able to resolve all complex issues but we will give it a good go!
Please call us to discuss your needs.