Up to 5-600 charge cycles, depending on the battery capacity.

Lithium ion batteries lifespan is dependent on management of the charging. As Li-ion batteries have no memory effect, the number of charge cycles can be optimised by charging when below 20% up to full, which is a partial charge but more easy to manage as you have not fully discharged your battery while riding.

Storage charge is preferred around 70-80%.

Battery replacement is required when the battery no longer holds a charge or if the battery becomes damaged.  Warranty terms on batteries are generally shorter than the warranty on bike frames. Please check your warranty terms.

EN 15194 is the European standard for electric bikes and was adopted in Australia in 2012. Amongst other things EN 15194 allows for a 250W motor and bikes should have independent verification of compliance and import approval from Department of Transport. This standard does not allow a throttle except for a feature allowing 6 km/hr (walking speed). If an e-bike is 250W and has a throttle, the throttle must only be capable of taking the bike to walking speed.

For more on EN 15194 we like the one on the following link: http://www.pedelecs.co.uk/forum/electric-bicycles/3946-new-epac-standard-en-15194-safe-e-bikes.html

Yes all of our bikes are supplied with chargers specific to their battery. 

No the battery is recharged using a charger supplied with the bike. 

Distance per charge depends on which bike and battery package you purchase and in part reflects your riding style and load on the bike. You can expect 50 to 60 km with a 36V 10.4Ah battery.

All of our electric bikes meet Australian regulations and have 200W motors or 250W motors to EN 15194

The seats on our bikes are generally very good but we appreciate that everyone has a different preference when it comes to saddles. You can upgrade any of our standard saddles and we recommend trying different sizes with different materials, such as gel and memory foam, to find a saddle which is right for you.

No we do not supply bikes which are powered by petrol. Please check the regulations in your State as petrol powered bikes are illegal in most locations.

All legal e-bikes for Australia are limited to a maximum speed of 25km/hr where the motor ceases to provide assistance beyond this speed. You can however pedal or coast downhill beyond this speed without motor assistance.

Yes they may be legal but price is a good indication of quality and service. Check spare parts availability, lithium batteries, bike should have gears, be rated either to a maximum power output of 200W or have EN 15194 compliance certification. We find that customers prefer to buy from a retailer who stocks spare parts and accessories for their e-bike including replacement batteries, chargers, controllers etc. We also find many of our customers return their bikes for servicing with us or our partners for peace of mind for the ongoing maintenance of their bike. Initial purchase price is only the start of the journey. If you do decide to purchase a second-hand bike, please ask for a battery health report before committing.