Step-through electric bikes

Step-through electric bikes

Not so long ago, a step-through was considered a "girls" bike. But we now see everybody considering a step-through as their electric bike frame shape as it makes getting on/off so very much easier. 

Our range includes bikes with wonderful "sit up and beg" ride positions made popular by the Dutch and replicated across the world. Some of the range is ideal for tall men and women and come with the curved handlebars which make upright riding so comfortable.

At Blind freddy e-Bikes, we offer step-throughs from entry-level through to top of the range and can also modify flat handlebar configurations on models to suit your preference.

Step-through electric bikes

Step-Through Bikes FAQs

What is a step-through electric bike?

Step-throughs have low bar(s) running from the handlebar down to the pedals and an absent top tube or crossbar.

Why is a step-through a good design for an electric bike?

Step-through designs have been around for decades and were originally preferred by women "to maintain their modesty"!
It is easier to mount the bike without having to swing your leg behind the saddle.

Are step-through electric bikes for women only?

Men and women are frequently opting for step-throughs due to their convenience and lower risk of falling when mounting

Do step-through electric bike designs help you balance?

Most step-throughs are able to maintain a "pedal-forward" design principle which helps riders be able to get their feet on the ground yet had good leg extension when riding. This means you potentially don't reach as far or twist as much which is often to cause of balance issues

Are step-through electric bikes made with suspension forks?

Many step-through electric bike designs are made with rigid front forks as riders prefer to be able to fit a front racks and baskets mounted off the forks. We stock both step-throughs with rigid forks like the Lekker OutBack and with front suspension forks like the XDS e-Spresso electric bikes

What is the weight of the XDS e-Conic with the battery?

The e-Conic weighs 22kg with the basket and battery in place. Specifications documentation has now been updated for the product.