Disability tricycles & bikes

Disability tricycles & bikes

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Blind Freddy eBikes offers an extensive range of mechanical and electric options for people living with disability or mobility issues. We offer electric bicycles with additional stabilisers, electric tricycles and mechanical trikes with customisable fittings and accessories. We work with individuals, carers and allied health teams to test available options, to offer choice and to capitalise on strengths. We appreciate the importance of having options and identifying safe, sustainable solutions.We are not health professionals but invite you and your allied health team to assess our range in store.  Some models can be fitted with special needs pedals, with low speed motors and with remote disable switches to offer a level of safety not always available. The customisable configurations can go towards assisting the rider actively manage weaknesses including limited leg rotation (step pedal motion or adjustable crank radius), back weakness (backrest seats), leg or ankle weakness (special needs or self-levelling pedals), pelvic support through the use of belts and endurance issues through the use of the electric motor.

Our Selection includes:
  • Di Blasi - folding tricycle are available as both mechanical or electric versions available
  • BF i-Tri Euro - customers who appreciate quality and true benefits will love this new model
  • Gomier Tricycles - are available in 200W 36V Li-ion 20” 24” and 26” wheels. With or without electric assistance
  • Rehatri Tricycles - come available as foot cycle or hand cycle some with rear steering and are available in 3 size options catering for a range of special needs
  • BF ezi-Step is a step-through folding electric bike available as the 2+2 including adult training wheels
  • We also have a range of options available through our custom build service for specially tailored solutions flexible for you disability or needs

Disability tricycles & bikes

Disability Trikes & Bikes FAQs

Are you an NDIS registered provider?

Yes we are registered to provide assistive technology according to the certification issued by NDIS commission
Our NDIS provider number is contained on this website and is included in all our quotes and invoices.

Do you have preferred occupational therapists or physiotherapists with whom you work?

No, we are happy to work with any allied health team or other professional who requires guidance on the suitability of our range for a number of different conditions.
We are happy to work with allied health teams or individuals and will provide insight into the bike/trike aspects for a specific need
We are not health professionals ourselves

Can we just turn up and do a trial of your range?

In theory, yes, but we do prefer to take bookings to make sure we have the space, the range and the resources to help you get the most out of the trial
Our preferred way is for you to discuss the trial with your support team, to identify a couple of options for the time and date of the trial and then to make contact with us. We can then confirm if we have availability of staff and/or equipment to optimise your time onsite

Can you do trials in other locations besides your shop?

Again in princple, yes. As a small family-owned company, we have to balance our internal resources, the need to have the shop open 6-7 days per week and the time to get to other sites. With some notice and particularly where we can meet with several people interested in our range in the same block of time, we can usually find a way. We have travelled some distances to support regional need and where possible will offer this in association with the local OT and Physio teams. Just give us a call. Anything is possible!

Do you import specialised equipment yourselves?

In part, we do order to demand or upon acceptance of a quotation. For instance, the Di Blasi range of folding tricycles can be trialled in store, but if you require one, we order them at the time and have them air freighted to our shop or to your home. We work in similar ways with other specialist providers and our range is continually changing. If you have a specific requirement, please call us to discuss