Folding electric bikes

Folding electric bikes

Folding Electric Bikes Australia 

Blind Freddy e-Bikes offers a range of folding electric bikes, tricycles and even the popular 2+2 option which fits somewhere in between these 2.

Our signature BF i-Ezi folding electric bike is easy to mount 16" wheel bike which makes many of our customers smile for the fun of the ride, renowned for having a unique folding mechanism which delivers a tiny folded footprint, excellent for storage and travelling. Its weight also means the 250W motor offers fantastic performance and this little electric bike can get you up some seriously steep hills as the torque is great.

Being so light and easy to roll when partially folded, it takes the hard work out of lifting when moving around your home, your camp or the transport system. 

But we also stock folding electric bikes with 20" wheels for those who prefer a larger wheel. The BF Ezi-Step folding electric bike is one of our most versatile models, suiting riders from approx 8 years old to 80+ years!. It is so easy to mount/dismount and whether you choose to add the quick-release stabilisers for balance (2+2) or not, it is a comfortable and easy ride with great performance. The folding mechanism means it can easily fit into most cars if transporting in or out of vehicles is a regular occurrence.

The Di Blasi folding electric tricycle also has 20" wheels and its unique folding mechanism provides a unique and unmatchable option for those who need the stability of a full trike but are not able to navigate, store or transport a fixed frame tricycle.

Check out our range of electric folding bikes below, they’re unique amongst our peers.

Folding electric bikes