Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters

Upgrade your commutes or take a joy-ride on our range of electric scooters. We currently have two main electric scooters available:

The Mearth X Pro electric scooter has a 36v 376Wh motor and sleek looks. Boasting a wide standing platform, this scooter helps the riders navigate through crowds and is light, durable and convenient. With a 45km range and 25 kph max speed, the Mearth X Pro is something you would pick over walking or getting stuck in traffic.

The Zoom Stryder electric scooter is rated as one of the most powerful on the market for climbing those steep hills and offers great suspension for a more comfortable ride. With a powerful 600W motor and suspension front and back, this electric scooter is one of the best to supress the impact from bumps and uneven surfaces.

Either way, both are great options for getting around town. Learn more below or visit us in store in Brisbane.

Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters FAQs

How easy is it to ride an electric scooter?

Very easy! You obviously need to take care when riding any technology which can travel at speeds up to 25kmph, but it really is a case of turn it on and off you go!

Do you recommend electric scooters for children?

Not unless there are specific needs and supervision is available to teach your child how to ride safely. Generally, they are for adults not children.

Are electric scooters good for climbing hills?

Most electric scooters will respond directly to the load they are bearing. A light rider may well be able to climb steeper and longer hills than a rider who weighs close to the maximum recommended load.